Philip has boarded, as co-writer and director,  the movie adaptation of The Arrangements of Love, ‘a rollicking novel about family, home and the intricacies of ordinary human relationships,’ by Timeri N. Murari. Nimmi Harasgama shares the writing duties. Produced by Sunitha Tati for Guru Films.

BANG, the second season of BAFTA CYMRU Best Drama award winning crime series, airs on S4C and iPlayer  Feb 2020. The show is written and created by Roger Williams. Produced by Catrin Lewis Defis for Joio. Philip directs all six episodes. The Alabama 3 return to create the soundtrack.

Philip recently completed work on episode two of the third season of MARVEL’s Runaways, The Great Escape in Los Angeles.  It marks Philip’s third foray into Marvel TV,


LET THERE BE ROCK – a bittersweet comedy set in the South Wales Valleys.  Old and young generations of men come together to save a local choir. Written by Irvine Welsh and Dean Cavanagh. Produced by Marty Bowen of Temple Hill Entertainment and Paul Brooks of Gold Circle.  Anthony Hopkins is attached.

LIVING IN GOD’S POCKET – a road movie and wry love story. Question. What do you do when you hit fifty, and your ex-wife, whom you still  adore, refuses to accompany you on a belated honeymoon to California? Answer. You go alone, take a camcorder and change the course of your life. Picked up by Bhavani Rao of Bhavani Entertainment. Written by Philip John. 

MY HOMEMADE KITE – tells of the turbulent love story between two Sri Lankan women. Indra is a victim of torture, and Pradeepa is an anti-government activist. It’s set against the backdrop of the brutality and horror of the Sri Lankan civil war. Written by Nimmi Harasgama and Philip John.

WALTZING MATILDA – an epic romantic drama set during the Australian sheep shearers strike of the 1890s, telling the story of the birth of the Labor Movement and of the folk tune that became a Socialist anthem. Written by Max Mannix and Franc Roddam. Executive producer, Franc Roddam and Grant Bradley. Produced by Gina Boon.

LIVE FROM HEAVEN – a dark jewel of a film. Repair man Jim receives instruction from Thomas Edison to make a television screen which shows the afterlife. The revelation soon spreads throughout the townsfolk leading them to view life very differently. Written by Chips Hardy.

HERE BE MONSTERS – a brutal slow burn revenge thriller telling the story of an intense young man trying to live his life in the shadow of his abusers. Written by Dean Cavanagh.


FINDING NETTA – ‘dramedy’ TV series, based on Nimmi Harasgama’s Sri Lankan chat show persona, Auntie Netta. Written by Nimmi Harasgama and Philip John.

UNCLE SAM’S FUNHOUSE – written by Dean Cavanagh and Irvine Welsh, Funhouse is a multi layered  ensemble story of forty-something characters who KNOW they were child stars in a 1980’s children TV series, The problem is that no trace of the show exists, and we follow our characters as they try to uncover what did actually happen to them.

LAST TRAIN TO LLANELLI – darkly comic Film Noir TV series from the trilogy of novels by Robert Lewis. Adapted by Philip John and Hass Amini. Producers Hass and Hossein Amini, with development support from Film Agency Wales.