Philip has just completed filming on the first three episodes of ITV’s flagship show Good Karma Hospital .



WALTZING MATILDA – an epic romantic drama set during the Australian sheepshearers strike of the 1890s, telling the story of the birth of the Labor Movement and the folk tune that became a Socialist anthem. Written by Max Mannix abnd Franc Roddam. Executive producer, Franc Roddam and Grant Bradley. Produced by Gina Boon.

LET THERE BE ROCK – a black comedy drama set in the Welsh Valleys.  Old and young generations of men come together to save a local choir. Written by Irvine Welsh and Dean Cavanagh. Produced by Marty Bowen of Temple Hill Entertainment, and in the UK by Paul Brooks.

BANDALISM – a raucous comedy telling the story of a The Babyknives – Rab, Mike, Digger and – who get signed by a top manager, who sends them on a US tour. The band get live the rock n roll dream, unaware that their tour bus is being used to haul guns and drugs. Written by Dean Cavanagh, Mike Peden and Carlene King. Produced by Mike Peden and Carlene King and Oley Sassone.

LIVE FROM HEAVEN – a dark jewel of a film. Repair man Jim receives instruction from Thomas Edison to make a television screen which shows the afterlife. The revelation soon spreads throughout the townsfolk leading them to view life differently. Written by Chips Hardy.

REAR ECHELON MOTHERFUCKERS (REMF)  the wired, blackly humorous odyssey of rookie infantryman Tomo trying to ‘make a difference’ as his Afghanistan military base winds up operations. Written by Foster Marks, produced by Pauline Burt.

HERE BE MONSTERS – a slow burn revenge thriller set in Bradford telling the story of an intense young man trying to live his life in the shadow of his abusers. Written by Dean Cavanagh.



LAST TRAIN TO LLANELLI – darkly comic Film Noir TV series from the trilogy of novels by Robert Lewis. Adapted by Philip John and Hass Amini. Producers Hass and Hossein Amini, with development support from Film Agency Wales.