Ronald D. Moore – writer, executive producer, and director..  For the past twenty-three years Ron has worked as a writer, executive producer, and director in the Film and Television industry in Los Angeles. He has written three movies and produced nine television series amounting to over five hundred hours of broadcasting.  He has been involved in some of the most popular and highly regarded shows in television history, including Star Trek: The Next Generation and Battlestar Galactica. He has been recognised with awards and nominations, including two Emmys, a Writer’s Guild Award, and the prestigious Peabody Award for television excellence. // “I selected Philip to direct two episodes of my current series, Outlander.  Philip’s talent immediately impressed everyone working on the show.  His visual style, work ethic, and personality were all a perfect match.  I found him to have an uncommon creative vision on the stage, as well as excellent managerial skills when dealing with the crew. He helped make some of the show’s most important episodes, including the Season Two finale, and was an instrumental member of the Outlander crew. Without his contributions, our show would not be as successful or acclaimed. He is without a doubt at the top of his field artistically, an amazing director who represents the best this industry has to offer.”

Raven Metzner is a television Producer and Writer currently at ABC Studios developing for Disney’s D+ streaming service. // “I was fortunate to have hired Philip John to come and direct an episode…. I got to spend some quality time with Philip beyond our tone and concept meetings, sitting on set with him and watching him work as a director. The episode contained one of our most dramatic scenes, an emotional confrontation between brother and sister about damage inflicted by their parents AND one of the most complex and ambitious fight sequences in the series, a kung-fu battle between four women in a tattoo parlor. Philip was able to handle both with the same aplomb, professionalism and style.”

Joe Pokaski is a TV writer, producer and creator of Marvel’s “Cloak and Dagger” for Disney. // “I first became aware of Philip John watching an episode of Outlander from Starz. Philip had started the episode inside a TV screen, during an episode of the old “Avengers” program, and pulled out slowly, through a group of children watching the television to a man who was watching them. It was one of those shots you watch and you feel some jealousy that you didn’t think of it, but mostly joy that it exists… l spoke to him at length and he seemed like the perfect person to come in and save the day on “Cloak & Dagger”. It was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made….We had a bank robbery, mouse wrangling, one of our characters fighting himself, and a sword that manifested out of hard light. Philip jumped into it with both feet and not only handled the technical aspects with aplomb, but always executed them in service to character.”

Irvine Welsh is an Author. // “As a writer it is essential to have total trust and confidence in any director you turn a script over to. I have been privileged to work with many award-winning film and TV directors (including Oscar winner Danny Boyle) and I consider Phil to be one of the best of them. He brings a compelling vision and great passion and intelligence to every project he helms, and is a wonderful person to collaborate with. Phil possesses an array of technical and interpersonal skills, and commands respect with all the departments he works with on a production, and forges great relationships with the actors. He is also an individual who displays the highest levels of person integrity on set…. I would work with Phil again in a heartbeat I am developing several film and TV projects in the USA, including a pilot for HBO, and somebody of his quality would certainly be prominent in my thoughts as a potential collaborator.”

Gareth Neame is an Emmy and Golden Globe award winning television Producer and Executive at Carnival Films. // “Philip has an innate sense of what makes great drama, and can translate those instincts onto the screen. He has an impeccable eye, eclectic and wide ranging cultural references, is a diligent and enthusiastic team player and will not be swayed in his pursuit for perfection. The crew loved him, the cast, some of them fairly new to prime-time television, gave their best work under his guidance. I believe Philip to be a truly exceptional director and that he will make an outstanding addition to the world of US television.”

Robin Neinstein is the Director of Production for Netflix. // “From the moment we invited Philip to direct ABROAD he demonstrated outstanding leadership and imagination. He was also a joy to work with, highly collaborative, passionate and he navigated the complex needs of an international co-production with aplomb. His comedy background brought terrific wit to the script and he worked extensively with the writer…..He has a rare combination of talent and experience that puts him in demand globally.”

Rosemary McGowan is producer of ITV’s “Good Karma Hospital”. // “The smooth running of the shoot was due to our director, Philip John’s extraordinary talents. He is a man who knows what he’s doing on a film set, is completely prepped and can command a crew to do their absolute best without any effort. Actors love & respect him and we were able to attract actors of high calibre including A-listers from the UK and Bollywood stars. Philip delivers with the actors every time. One of the ambitions of the series was to capture the unbelievable beauty of the island… Philip set about this task with remarkable ease balancing the drama & story with the type of shots you only usually see in big budget movies. He is an extraordinary director who can drive a production, motivate a crew to do their best and direct a cast to deliver wonderful performances.”

Johnny Capps is a Producer, Writer and co-creator of BBC’s “Merlin”. // “Philip is an impressive director. Highly collaborative, yet focused and decisive, he consistently delivered the toughest of schedules without compromising on his extraordinary coverage. His management of tone is second to none. He is equally happy choreographing complex set pieces as he is drawing intimate pitch-perfect performances from his actors.”

Keith Thompson is the Producer for Vikings on Amazon Prime. // “In 2009 Phil accepted the offer to join the ‘New Tricks’ team for season seven. Our confidence in him was totally justified as he delivered what were widely considered the two best episodes of the series. Phil was able to demonstrate his ability to handle action sequences when he shot staged boxing bouts which were completely convincing and visually engaging. With his past track record and faultless reputation, Phil was able attract very high calibre of actor…. It became absolutely dear that here was a director not only with the ability to effectively handle a very wide range of production challenges, but who was able to creatively add his personal signature to everything he does. In summary, I feel that here is an exceptional talent, a director who is always superbly prepared, who knows how to motivate his cast into delivering optimum performances….”

Rob Pursey is Managing Director of Touchpaper Television. // “Philip makes it look easy. His enthusiasm and creativity inspires everyone around him. He’s always full of ideas and seems to fix problems in the blink of an eye. Actors and crew warm to his confident and playful nature. Watching him ‘click’ with the show and the team has been a delight. His direction has a muscularity and tenderness that follows the mood of the scripts perfectly. He knows when to lead the story and when to let the story lead him. It’s a remarkable skill that so few directors have. His episodes on series three I regard to be some of the best in the shows history. [Being Human]”

Toby Whithouse is the creator of BBC’s “Being Human”. // “In his first series with us, Phil acquitted himself with breathtaking panache and confidence, and I would say that one of his episodes is arguably the best in the series history. Unsurprisingly we asked Phil to join us again on Series 4 and this time we made him the lead director. Again he produced some amazing work, navigating his way through incredibly complex stories with confidence and grace. So much so, we asked him to direct the season finale as well. Phil is without doubt one of the most passionate directors it’s ever been my pleasure to work with. And that passion is infectious. He will never settle for adequate, and will always find a way to deliver work that belies the (very British) modest budgets. His calm confidence on set generates an atmosphere that is productive and supportive. Many of the crew and cast have told me that they produce their best work when Phil at the helm.”