Directed and co produced all nine webisodes. Episode three is in two parts.

Internet based Music Biz satire. Wannabe rock impresario Dixie Dean leaves the Welsh Valleys to carve out a career in Rock’n Roll. The first episode, God Loves a Tryer, was shot guerrilla style in London, and debuted on Youtube in 2011. More episodes followed after much press attention and critical acclaim. Produced by Philip John and Jonathan Owen. Written by Dean Cavanagh.


Starring Jonathon Owen, Roger Evans, Sally Phillips, Alan McGee, Michelle Gomez, Martin Freeman, Sean Harris, Boy George, Matt Berry, Maggot, Carl Barat, Ciaran Griffiths, Gavin McBain, Jodie Whittaker, Colin Tiernan, Dave Morgan, Jordan Long, Eddie Piller and Jenni Davies and Tracey Moberly.