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Multi BAFTA nominated, multi-award-winning director screenwriter born in Newport, South Wales. Played bass with DIY punk band Reptile Ranch. Co-founded and ran Z Block Records. Dumped music business following ill-fated busking-trip to Paris with nine-piece rhythm and kazoo outfit performing Motown numbers.

Graduating from Newport Film School with two award winning student films, Philip went on to make two award winning 35mm shorts Sister Lulu and Suckerfish, the latter chosen for the First Film Foundation’s Y2K New Directions director’s showcase in New York and Los Angeles in 2001.

With a successful career in high profile network television, Philip is now known for three seasons of DOWNTON ABBEY,  four episodes of season two of OUTLANDER, including the feature length finale, and Irvine Welsh and Dean Cavanagh’s scabrous comedy, WEDDING BELLES, described by Newsnight Review as the “TV EVENT OF THE YEAR.” Philip continues his collaboration with screenwriters Dean Cavanagh and Irvine Welsh.

Philip also directed, co-financed and co-produced SVENGALI, the Music Biz satire and internet phenomenon. Written by Dean Cavanagh, and starring Jonathon Owen, Alan Mcgee, Sally Phillips, Roger Evans, Martin Freeman, Sean Harris, Matt Berry, Carl Barat, Michelle Gomez, Matt Berry, Ciaran Griffiths, Eddie Pillar, Boy George and many many others. The full series of nine episodes is available to view on this website.



MOON DOGS – Philip John’s movie debut is a wry Coming of Age Road Movie written by Raymond Friel and Derek Boyle. Produced by Kathy Speirs. Starring Tara Lee, Jack Parry Jones, Christy O’Donnell, Jamie Sives, Claire Cage, Shauna Macdonald, Denis Lawson, Tam Dean Burn.

MOON DOGS premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016, with four sell out screenings and was subsequently chosen for Best of the Fest.

MOON DOGS awards to date

Best International First Feature at the Galway Film Fleadh 2016 // nomination for BEST FILM from BAFTA SCOTLAND // Audience Award and Distributors Award at The International Mannheim/Heidelberg Film Festival.



BAND ON THE RUN bruise black comedy about a band who hit the big time to find their manager is using them as drug mules. Written by Irvine Welsh and Dean Cavanagh, from an original story by music producer Mike Peden. Producers Mary Aloe of Aloe Entertainment, Mike Peden and Carlene King. Goes into production Spring 17.

WALTZING MATILDA – an epic romantic drama set during the Australian sheepshearers strike of the 1890s, telling the story of the birth of the Labor Movement and the folk tune that became a Socialist anthem. Written by Franc Roddam and Scott Roberts. Produced by Gina Boon.

LET THERE BE ROCK – a black comedy drama set in the Welsh Valleys.  Old and young generations of men come together to save a local choir. Written by Irvine Welsh and Dean Cavanagh. Produced by Marty Bowen of Temple Hill Entertainment.

REAR ECHELON MOTHERFUCKERS (REMF)  the wired, blackly humorous odyssey of rookie infantryman Tomo trying to ‘make a difference’ as his Afghanistan military base winds up operations. Written by Foster Marks, produced by Pauline Burt.

HERE BE MONSTERS – a slow burn revenge thriller set in Bradford telling the story of an intense young man trying to live his life in the shadow of his abusers. Written by Dean Cavanagh and produced by Mike Parker.



LAST TRAIN TO LLANELLI – darkly comic Film Noir TV series from the trilogy of novels by Robert Lewis. Adapted by Philip John and Hass Amini. Producers Hass and Hossein Amini, with development support from Film Agency Wales.

BLACKFOOT CROSSING – Long form epic tale of the formation of the Mounted Police and the dominion of Canada seen through the eyes of American Tracker Jerry Potts. Created by Dave Durant.



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